Australian Finska

15 October 2022

Your shot at
woodchucking glory

150 teams of two.   One Champion.
The Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park Sydney.

Saturday, 15 October 2022

Anyone who was blessed enough to go to the Australian Finska Championship 2020 knows just how glorious this event is. AFC 2020 was actually held in February 2021, due of course to our beloved spicy cough, so just to make things a little tidier, we are jumping straight from AFC 2020 to AFC 2022. Last year we had a solid number of punters roaming the grounds of our beautiful event location, The Coal Loader in North Sydney. This year, there will be double that - so bring your shooting sleeve and your A-game players.
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Who's to pocket a bit of
healthy prize money this year?

Last year our winners, "Drop A Log" took home a healthy $1000 cheque for their hard day of fun, followed by "Wavestars", pocketing 500 Finska Bucks to splurge at for their commendable performance. And you best believe we had random prize giveaways throughout the whole day.

See you in October, chuckers...

The Australian Finska Championship is a licensed event, so you can choose to loosen up your game by sipping on a cold tinny, or stay sharp with a cup of coffee. Last year we had the legends from the OzHarvest Food Truck, the Hotdog Man, and Oatly Ice-cream providing the nourishment for our athletes. So rest assured there will be a quality feed involved this year again.

Past Events

The 2019 Finska Sydney Open
April 27, 2019 - 32 teams of two battled it out for Finska glory at the Randwick Boulodrome.  Dankasaurus Rex were victorious and took out the honours on the day.
Finska Fest (Canberra) 2019
On Saturday March 30, 2019, the Embassy of Finland hosted Finska Fest in Canberra with 64 teams of two.  The event was so much fun with Wallaby and Brumbies great Ben Alexander taking out the honours.  Finska Fest 2020 coming soon!
The 2018 Melbourne Backyard  Finska Championships
In 2018, Finska tragics from all over Victoria descended on Melbourne to participate in the inaugural Backyard Finska Championships.   As a community lead event, the number of places had to be limited to 80 given local council restrictions on public liability.  More than 1000 people expressed interest in the event on facebook.  

Australian Finska Championships 2010 and 2011
In 2010 and 2011 Australian Finska Championships were held at Eurofest in Sydney.  32 teams of two battled it out to be crowned Australian Finska Champions.  Although the event has not been held for a number of years now, both events were a roaring success.

WARNING: This game is dangerously addictive.