Viking Chess

Finska’s one true rival. This ancient Swedish battle game often dubbed Viking Chess requires a blend of skill and strategy that can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone. Check out the video below for all you need to know to go to war!

take out the soldiers, capture the king 

This is a battle game and the objective is a war tale as old as time – take out the Kubbs (i.e, the soldiers represented by the little wooden blocks) by knocking them over with the throwing batons. Finally after all Kubbs have been "captured", the King must be knocked down.

the more the merrier 

One of the biggest edges that Kubb has over Finska is its appeal to larger groups. The game can be played one a side, but gets more fun the larger each side is - six players a team is peak fun time!

ancient origins (..?) 

The tale goes that Kubb's inception lies with vikings, some time between the 8th and 9th century. Legend has it that they would play this battle game with the skulls and femurs of their enemies – don't stress though, we prefer Kubb sets made from select-grade birchwood – rest assured the playing experience is still an authentic one!