October 31, 2023 by
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Sunday truly was one for the books. The weather was on point (as it has been for the AFC three years running now 😎), the beer taps were cold, the lawns primed for pins and a FULL HOUSE OF PLAYERS TO KNOCK THEM DOWN. Our 2023 champions Robbie & Jules claim not to have the years of playing experience expected to accompany trophy winning wood chuckers, but that just goes to show how great this game is. We love an underdog story, and Finska is known to favour the unassuming! Robbie confessed in an exclusive interview on ABC Sydney Breakfast radio just this morning, "I literally played pretty much my first game yesterday, and now I'm the world (Australian*) champion!"

A massive pat on the back is in order for Runner Up team; The Blue Tongues. Well done you radical reptiles, the honour and glory of your plaque adorning the Shield Trophy is yours eternally. Enjoy the brews! More #AFC2023 content to follow shortly...


If you're familiar with the AFC competition structure, you'll know that the event splits into two separate internal tournaments; The Championship Tournament and The Plate Tournament (also know as The Best Of The Rest). It's no small feat to secure The Plate, so here's a very sincere doth of the cap to The Oz Gringos!

– A huge thank you to The Australian Finnish Skittles Organisation and The Finskaroos –

This year the Australian Finska Championships was a huge team effort with the newly formed Australian Finnish Skittles Organisation (AFSO) taking the lead. AFSO are our new association passionate about Finska and looking to grow the game as a legitimate sport in Australia. Apart from the Aus Champs, they plan on getting behind community based events right across the country. So watch this space!!! This year's Championship was the biggest to date, the event ran like clockwork and from the feedback we have received, was a huge success! We're very grateful for the efforts put in by the passionate folks from AFSO and also to the Finskaroos who once again did Australia proud and got right behind the AFC and truly did it justice! Well done you wood chucking legends. We look forward to working with you next year!! 

We'd love to see any pics from competitors on the day! Please tag those snaps with #AFC2023 #AusFinskaChamps #finska #planetfinska #chuckwood

Until next year ya log lobbing legends!