the game that took
Australia by storm

Since we brought Finska to our pristine Aussie shores back in 2009, the game has grown and spread like wildfire, to the point where it is now well on its way to becoming a household name. Anyone can play, 

 ancient origins ..?

Finska is an ancient wood-chucking game whose origins can be traced back to the ancient game of Kykka which hails from the birchwood forests of Finland. And genuine sets of Finska stay true to their roots – all made from select-grade birchwood or premium beechwood.  

the game for anyone, anytime, anywhere   

Pick your surface, because Finska can be played anywhere. Grass, gravel, sand, dirt, snow, mud, asphalt, concrete - it all works (though we do recommend sticking to the softer surfaces to better preserve your pins!). A crate of Finska and two or more players - that's all it takes to enjoy this game to its max. That's why we see Finska in countless road trip and adventure pics, it's an excellent travel companion for soaking in the moment and making new friends.

 a race to 50 points  

The joy of Finska lies within its simplicity, the premise is a race to exactly 50 points, and can be summarised in three steps; Chuck wood, knock em down, put em back up. The scoring is where Finska is most unique. Each throw is scored in one of two ways: If you knock down one pin, you score the number on that pin. If you knock down two or or more pins, it's one point for each pin knocked down. There are just a couple more important tricks for new players, so check out how to play Finska...


competitions & events  

Over the years Finska has become an international sensation, and with its popularity came a healthy dose of woodchuckin' competition. 2020 birthed the Australian Finska Championship, which is held in Sydney annually and set to take place at an iconic Inner West venue this October. Don't miss out on your shot at timber tossin' glory – check out the event details and more on Finska competitions below.