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Following the amazing reaction we had with the introduction of Finska,  we launched Kubb as our second gift to Australian lovers of classic outdoor games.  Just like Finska, we tried it and instantly loved the game.   Admittedly, we were also getting a little tired of saying no to the constant requests from worldly people looking to buy Kubb in Australia. Thanks for the nagging!

For those that don’t know, Kubb is an addictive and seriously good outdoor game from Sweden.  Also known as Viking Chess, Kubb is genuine fun for family and friends of all ages.  It is a perfect way to deliver laughs and entertainment at your next outdoor get together.  Kubb is easy to learn and with each team having between one and six Vikings, it can happily entertain a larger group.  

The official rules of Kubb can be downloaded here.

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Release your inner Viking and play Kubb.

what the kubb

This excellent and fun video from our friends at Sky Motion does a fabulous job of explaining Kubb.  It seriously is a great game.  After we introduced finska to Australia, we thought there was little chance that Kubb would be in the same league.  We were wrong.  The games are different but equally deserving of "classic game" status.  We have trouble deciding which game we like more.  What we can say with enormous confidence is that you will like it.   It's just good old fashioned  fun.  It really is.