Finska is the addictive log-tossing game from Finland.  An ancient Finnish game, Finska is a unique and seriously addictive outdoor game that will provide genuine entertainment at the beach, the park or in your own backyard.  A race to exactly 50 points, where every game is different, Finska requires both strategy and skill to defeat your opponent and claim victory.  World Championships are played every year in Finland.   At your next picnic, barbecue or family gathering bring out the Finska...you’re sure to have plenty of laughs and fun.  Get off the couch, drop the electronic gizmos and get outside for some real fun with Finska. 

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Finska is crafted in the nordic tradition from eco-friendly birch, a hardwood known for its shock resistant qualities.

Finska comes in a handy birch carry crate and includes water resistant rule card and score sheet.

Rules:  Finska is easy to learn and the official rules can be viewed or downloaded here: Finska Rules.pdf

Play Online: Try finska online here.  Challenge yourself and see if you can make the all time top ten list on grass and if you’re game, try out the harder sand version too.

Finska has the added bonus of reinforcing mental arithmetic and as such has been adopted by many primary schools as a great way of taking maths outside and making it fun.  We call that education by stealth.  School discounts are available upon request.

Find out more about Planet Finska, our contact details, our shipping policy and enquiries about wholesale opportunities or the 2014 Australian Finska Championships.

Finska, log tossing fun from Finland
Finska fun

Get Outside.